Toy "Grocery Set TechnoK"

Going shopping with parents, consulting and choosing healthy and tasty food, then preparing yummies for toy friends is fantastic! Also playing games like cafes, restaurants, fast-food or food delivery is cool. We offer our novelty for such entertainments - the toy "Grocery Set TechnoK". 


The capacious cart is full of juicy vegetables, sweet fruit and fragrant pastry for a tasty family lunch. At the bottom of the cart there is an additional compartiment for a bag or a shopper – so your shopping will be especially exciting and very realistic. You also can place a lot of different toys. At home and outside it is especially convenient to carry your favorite soft toys and dolls in it - children will invent many more interesting games with the cart.


For the youngest children this cart will give support when walking and will do the walking process surer. Mummies will also like it as an additional place for toys storage. While playing you can teach children to be tidy. Big reliable wheels make the cart resistant to overturning and ensure good passability on various roads.


Thanks to high-quality dyes, the bright color of the toy lasts for a long period of time and does not burn out in the sun. The toys are safe for children, don`t have sharp edges or small details. 


The cart is made of high-quality plastic, without odor, does not contain phthalates and is BPA free.

Different role-playing games develop imagination and fantasy, thinking, fine-motor skills, communicative and social skills. Also playing with children, parents can teach them new words: objects names, different products, colors and shapes. The toys from this set are also suitable for sorting games, learning of colors and shapes. 


Toy for kids above 3.

It is shipped retail (42,5 х 30,5 х 29 cm).

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