Toy "Parking TechnoK"

New cars, tractors, buses and planes are probably the most wanted gifts for all kids. 3 cars in a parking lot with a big descent at once are even better. A big parking lot with 3 doors of different colors, a gas station imitation and cars with nice emotions will give much joy to children.

There are 3 boxes with themed stickers above the doors of the same colours: the car wash, the service station, the tire fitting. A big roof with parking spaces, road signs and the descent will give hours of joyful fun to kids.
Every box contains the specialized vehicle:

  •     a big blue minibus;
  •     a strong dump truck with a folding body;
  •     a tow truck.

The peculiarity of this toy is the “catapult” lever, that pushes cars from the garage towards amazing adventures. The lever is on the back wall of the garage. Pushing cars thanks to the lever is really an interesting game for children and even adults. You can also hold competitions on fast departure. A gradual exit and departure is possible thanks to the descent. On the side wall there are two columns with gasoline A 95 and diesel fuel.
This toy will help to play many interesting games: pump up the wheels at the service station, wash the bus, refuel the car and many others. The parking lot will become the favorite toy of every child, all the cars that are already in the children's room, tracks and constructors will be grouped around it.

This toy develops fine-motor skills, imagination and fantasy. Clear colors of doors and cars will help kids to learn colors and do first steps in counting.

The set includes: a parking lot, a minibus, a dump truck, a tow truck, 7 road signs and 4 road cones.

It is made of durable, high quality plastic, without odor.

The package is a bright box.
For children above 3.

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