Step stool for Kids TechnoK

All children want to help their parents and become adult sooner. They want to brush their teeth and comb their hair by their own. Helping in the kitchen is specially interesting: cut products, mix, make and just observe the mummy. But the working top is usually too high and out of reach for kids. The step stool will become irreplaceable now. It is convenient to use also in the bathroom near the sink or to sit on the toilet. 


The step is big, durable and practical. It has rubberized inserts on the legs against slipping. The top is with additional relief and matte surface.


We recommend a maximum load of 40 kg. 


The colours of step stools are in the same range as children's bathtubs, toilet seat covers and pots. It will make the unique collection of baby’s household items, it will fit well with the bathroom or the children’s room interior. The baby in this way will also have a positive perception of novelties, as they will already be close and familiar to him.


The step stool is made of durable and high quality odourless plastic, does not contain phthalates or BPA. It means that the good will not cause allergy and your baby can careless touch and lick it. The use of only bright dyes ensures a bright color for a long period of use.

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