Toy "Tools set TechnoK"

Different building and repair works will be done well with high quality instruments. For little craftsmen we offer a toy belt with a tools set and a big organiser. So a hammer, a screwdriver and a saw will be always at hand. 

All the instruments can be put in the pockets of the belt with special marks: pliers, a saw for metal and a saw for wood, an angle, a hammer, an adjustable wrench, a screwdriver with two nozzles - a curly one and a flat one. Wearing the belt with all these tools, your child can imagine himself as a real builder or a craftsman and will help daddy with fun. 

All the tools and the belt can be comfy placed in a big organiser. So you can go to your grandparents, on the playground or to your friends. We emphasise that the organizer is only for children, not for parents :)


Thanks to this toy, the child gets acquainted with the most common tools and learns how to use them. It develops attention, fantasy and thinking. And the time spent with your daddy is invaluable. 


The size of the organiser - 30x16x14 cm.

For children above 3.

Package: a net.


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