A new series of metallic construction set

We enter fall-winter season of 2017 with a new line of metal construction sets. 
It is cold and wet outside, it is getting dark early.  Autumn nasty weather makes kids to stay at home, in cozy houses and flats. Playing with the metal construction set will be an exceptionally interesting and actual activity during these cold autumn evenings.
Tradition of metal constructions originates from far 18-th century. Plenty of inventors, mechanics and engineers was grown with these construction sets. Thanks to this toy, boys (and even girls!) gain their first skills of connecting parts with bolts and nuts, develop their fantasy and spatial intelligence. 
The first items of this series, ready for sale, are as follows: “Helicopter TechnoK” art. 4944, “Motorbike TechnoK” art. 4807, “Offroader TechnoK” art.4913, “Air-plane-biplane TechnoK” art. 4791 and “Auto-Dakar TechnoK” art. 4920. Notice, that our models are very popular on our YouTube channel. 
These Products in Catalog