New in line "Bike TechnoK" - a wooden balance bike

Many customers of our rollocycles and bikes were interested in eco-friendly  wooden balance bikes. We meet our customer’s desire and added a new product – a toy “Bike TechnoK”, item 4760.
We’ve made a bike of the wood of amazing slim beech, grown in Carpathian mountains. The axles of the wheels are made of metal, and wheels themselves are top coated with rubber tire, so that riding a new bike is soft and comfy. No doubt, in our techy epoch such toys infuse us with the feeling of warmness in the hearts of every adult and a child.  Sometimes, your glance stops on them, and the sweetest memories of your sunny childhood appear in your memory. 
The Bike TechnoK art. 4760 comes in a colorful cartoon box of 495 x 185 x 145 size.  The size of the bike – 570 x 390 x 260 mm, weight - 3140 g.  
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