Toy "Grocery Set TechnoK"

Interesting and right toys help children to get better acquainted with the world, to learn new things and to develop talents. So it`s important that the toysare understandable and based on familiar things to the child. Dishes, kitchen utensilsand toy foodare the first household items that the baby gets acquainted with, as he meets them every day. That`s why different toy fruit, vegetables, burgers, donuts and sweets are so interesting to all children.

The toy “Grocery set TechnoK '' will surely be liked by all boys and girls. It`s perfect for amazing café or supermarket role playing games. The toy food will complement toy kitchens and utensils, making games realistic and interesting. Now you can open a café for friends and toys, arrange food delivery, or cook a delicious dinner. Chicken drumsticks, the hot dog and french fries in the set are very realistic and have pleasant colors. Comfy size is specially calculated for kids` hands. It can be also well combined with toy utensils, supermarket trolleys and TechnoK baskets.

Toys from the set are also suitable for sorting games, learning of colors and shapes. Different role-playing games develop children's imagination and fantasy, thinking and fine motor skills, communication and social skills. Playing with children, parents can teach them new words: names of objects, various products, colors and shapes. The toys are safe, made of durable high quality odorless plasticwithout sharp edges.

The set includes: a hot dog bun – 1 pc., a sausage – 1 pc., a“Ketchup” bottle – 1 pc., drumsticks – 3 pc., french fries – 5 pcs.

Package – a net.

The toy is suitable for children above 3.

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