Toy "Dentist set TechnoK"

Teachingchildren to brush their teeth properlyis really a responsible and important task for all parents. To help you we offer the “TechnoK” novelty – “Dentist set”. The set includes an interesting toy jaw model that permits you to take a closer look at the teeth, examine and treat them. As a tip for parents and children there is a scheme of tooth growth.

For children there is a real care set from a German company Thienel Dental.

It includes a real tooth brush for children above 3, a special holder and an hourglass. There is also a glass for water to rinse the mouth.

Thebrighttoothbrush with nice pictures will be liked by boys and girls. It has a special ergonomic form. It is comfortable to hold the rubber-coated handle even with wet hands. Soft bristles well remove plaque, do not injure the tooth gums. Hourglass helps children to better adhere  to the recommended time of brushing teeth - 2.5 minutes. The set has a special vertical holder to make the brush dry well and keep it clean.  Hourglass and holder are on an adhesive basis, we recommend to fix them on a wall, for convenient storage. The length of the toothbrush is 15 cm.

The “Dentist set TechnoK” will help children to learn to take care of their teeth and overcome the fear of visiting the dentist's office. The set will become a great present for every child.

Now boys and girls will learn with enthusiasm how to take care of their teeth and treat them with their favorite toys.

For kids above 3. The package is a net with a cardboard label.

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