Toy "Play table TechnoK"

It is important for each child to properly arrange his space for games. You need to find a convenient place for drawing, games with a constructor, kitchen utensils and cars, as well as functional places for storing toys.

The “Play table TechnoK” will come in handy. It’s a 2 in 1 toy - a place for games and creativity and at the same time a spacious container for storing pencils, markers, erasers and other trifles. The table will take an honorable place in each children's playroom.
It is made of a body with two niches, a cover and legs. Its assembled height is 27 cm, so children can play on the floor or on a carpet. If you need, you can put the body with a cover without legs on a real big table. Pay attention, in this case you can put the legs inside one of the niches.

The cover is absolutely smooth, made of a special durable material. Children can also draw on it with water-based markers.
There are many options for table games:
-       drawing with pencils, markers, paints;
-       creativity, games with plasticine, kinetic sand, various crumbly materials and water;
-       pencils, markers and other stationarity storage;
-       yes, even as a garage for small cars or a house for dolls.
The toy is made of high-quality, safe and odorless materials.
The product is fixed by a color valve. The toy is for kids above 2.

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