Toy "Fishing Set TechnoK"

All kids like water games. We offer our novelty “Fishing sets TechnoK”, so you can organize funny games in the bath or pool, different competitions or tournaments.  

The sets include a fishing rod, a fishing float, a big fishing net, colored fish and ducks, that are made by blowing method so they are light and float well on the water.

Special attention is due to the exclusive design: the bucket in the set is made of transparent plastic with glitters and it`s decorated with a bright “seabed” sticker. The image is applied by IML technology (direct injection of the image on the toy). This drawing does not lose brightness and, unlike the usual sticker, is durable.

Children have to train and to show great agility if they want to catch fish on the hook. Such games train well great motor skills, attention and coordination. Figures can also be used to learn colors and train counting skills.

The comfortable size of these sets permits carrying them everywhere, they also will not take up much space in the suitcase for holidays. In the bathroom you should store them in the “Organizer TechnoK”, art. 7754. So you can easily wash and dry them.

"Fishing sets TechnoK" will bring much joy to kids while swimming in the bath, pool or at the sea.

The toys are made of high-quality, safe and odorless materials.

The package is a net.

The toy is for kids above 3.

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