Toy "Sand set TechnoK"

Original and interesting toys "Sand Set TechnoK" will bring joy and happiness to children during exciting games. It`s a big bucket with a “yummy” sticker, an exclusive transparent pudding-shaped sieve, 4 molds for sand, that seem cupcakes with cream and a spoon.
Just believe, this set will be appropriate in many role-playing games: with it the child can play in a "cafe" or "shop", "cook" toy cupcakes and many other interesting games are waiting for the owners of this set. The toy can be used on the beach, in the sandbox near the house or in the kindergarten.
The toy color solutions are for different tastes: cool blue or bright pink. The sand molds are of nice pastel colors: gentle pink, juicy soft green, cool blue and azure.  The painting on the bucket deserves special attention, it`s made with IML technology (direct injection of the picture on a toy). Such a drawing does not lose its brightness and it`s durable, unlike a normal sticker.
The toy " Sand set TechnoK " is made of high-quality and durable odorless plastic. The packing material is a net with a colorful cardboard label.
For children above 1.

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