Toy "Sand set TechnoK"

Original sand sets with “ice cream cones” and “cupcakes” molds.

With such “TechnoK” sand sets kids` games in the sandbox will become more interesting and varied. Now children can not only make different sand shapes, they can also play role–playing games such a "cafe" making fresh toy ice cream or "tasty cupcakes" for friends.

In the "Sand set TechnoK", art.6221 there are 5 ice cream cones forms and a spoon for making original sand shapes.

4 cream-colored cupcakes molds with cream and a spoon are included in the "Sand set TechnoK", art.6610. The cream for the molds has different colors, shaped like “ice cream balls with fondant” and "cream".

Such sets will be appropriate and interesting for games in the sandbox, by the sea, in the playground or kindergarten.
The color range of products is selected in pleasant pastel colors: tender pink, juicy light green and yellow, cool blue and azure.

The toy is made of high-quality and safe odorless plastic.
Packing: a net with a cardboard colored label.

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