Toy "Set TechnoK"

We offer three sets at once with convenient and ergonomic carts: "Cleaning set TechnoK", art.6429, “Tools set TechnoK” art.6511 and "Doctor`s kit TechnoK" art.6504.

The cart consists of two shelves for storing and carrying all the items. On the bottom there is a special place for a bucket or a container. On the top shelf with three hooks it is easy to place small elements of sets. With such a cart, everything the children need will always be at hand. The trolley can be used both at home and on the playground. The owner of this cart will decide with his friends how to use it outside, as it can carry abundant toys and things. With new toys, the child will be able to get better acquainted with the world around him, learn more about the professions of adults, as story-role-playing games are very important for education.

Games help to develop imagination, thinking and memory, they introduce children to different professions and tools, they teach to be tidy.


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