Toy "Kitchen TechnoK"

The new interactive “Kitchen TechnoK”  impresses with its realism. The toy with sound, light and vapor effect will fascinate every child! The white vapor gathers in the pan. Parents may not worry - the vapor is just a good imitation, it is actually cold and safe for the kid. The vapor effect is best to watch in a dark pan with a transparent lid. The set includes all necessary utensils for the preparation of delicious food. There is a pan with a transparent lid (with a whole on the bottom to permit the vapor to pass), a frying pan, a cutting board and bright vegetables. There are two carton boxes with "spaghetti" and "flakes" for the preparation of healthy breakfasts, and for tea breaks there are two cups with saucers and a sugar holder.
Do you need to wash the dishes after your tasty meal? You can do it in the sink with the flower shaped sponge.
The colors are fine for both girls and boys. Such role – playing games are very important for the children`s growth, they help to develop imagination, thinking and memory. They also teach to good manners, like cleaning and cooking food or using the kitchen devices. 
Follow all the instructions using the toy kitchen specified in the detailed instruction, please.
Complete set: kitchen hook, worktop, kitchen counter, front panel, cooker, oven door, legs – 2 pcs.,  side doors – 2 pcs., back panel,  oven bottom, lateral shelves – 2 pcs., female screws – 2 pcs., sink, hooks – 3 pcs., cucumber, carrot, eggplant, tomato, boxes - 2pcs, cutting board, pan, lid, frying pan, cups -. 2pcs, saucers - 2pcs, sugar holder with lid, big fork, skimmer, spatula, scoop, spoons - 2pcs., forks - 2pcs., knives - 2pcs. plates - 2pcs., sponge, stickers. The height of the kitchen in the assembled form is 81 cm.
The toy is indicated for children over the age of three years.

WARNING! Before the first use of the toy for the effect of steam, we recommend pouring water into the side holes of the right burner in advance (60 minutes before the game).

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