Toy "Transpot mini TechnoK"

Meet the exclusive series of our favorite mini-transport! Airplane, dump truck, tractor, fire engine, sports car and fuel truck ... All 12 mini cars in just one set are a real find. After all, this versatile set  can be used in a variety of games. The set also includes 7 main road signs on two-color stands. With their help, the child will be able to reproduce real road cases: to cross intersections, to exit from the secondary road to the main road and others. The most important think is to get acquainted and learn the basic signs for pedestrians: traffic lights and pedestrian crossing.
The mini-transport is packed in a transparent backpack. This original package is really a successful solution.  Just believe, a full backpack of toys will certainly interest the baby. It`s also very convenient to hold and carry toys.
TechnoK's toy mini-transport collection will certainly be a great gift for all children.

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